Strand Craft Offers Deal of the Decade: Buy a Yacht, Get a Supercar Free?

Strand-Craft 122 Open Aerial

One of the best ways to announce to the world that your ship has come in is to, er, buy one. But you come to Sub5Zero to read about cars (and perhaps the occasional helicopter), not boats. Besides, even if you do have a luxury yacht or other fancy vessel and a berth in the Hamptons or on the French Riviera, you’re going to need some way to get around on terra firma. What if there was a way to get a cool car that matched your cool boat? Better yet, what if you could carry said cool car inside said cool boat so you’d have wheels wherever you dropped anchor?

Strand-Craft is proposing just such a watercraft, the 122 Open. Measuring 38 meters (124.7 feet) in length, the 122 Open will feature a pair of MTU diesel engines sending a combined 9,400hp through a pair of Rolls-Royce jet drives. Not enough, you say? Strand-Craft will install a third “booster” engine good for another 5,100 ponies if you so desire. The company says that will help the 122 Open reach a top speed of 55 knots (63 mph), which is very quick for a 120 ton motor yacht…with a garage.

Strand-Craft Tender

What would go in that garage? Why, the matching Strand-Craft Tender (shown above), of course. Sure, they probably couldn’t have come up with a less glamorous-sounding name if they tried, but it turns out the Tender is the Esti Ginzburg of the automotive world: the name might make you say “Feh,” but the looks will definitely make you say “Wowza!” But that’s not all; the Tender will get its power from a mid-mounted, twin-turbo V12 putting down 880hp, giving it a projected top speed of 233 mph. Yeah, that’ll do.

So how much will this dynamic duo set you back? Strand-Craft isn’t saying, but if you have to ask, well… Furthermore, there’s no guarantee this twosome will even get built; hopefully someone will have the good sense to do the petrolhead world a huge favor and write a check for whichever third-world country’s GDP the 122 Open’s price tag will match. After all, they’d get a superboat and a supercar out of it.

Source: Strand-Craft

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