Stoptech’s Trackday Edition BMW M3 Recipe: Add 30hp, Subtract 80lbs, Stir.

Stoptech BMW M3 2

If you haven’t heard of Stoptech you probably place mods in the following order: power, wheels, suspension, tint, brakes. Therein lies the problem with many of today’s car enthusiasts, because if you ask any racer, brakes should always be upgraded before horsepower. And unless you’re one of the lucky people who bought a car that’s already fitted with killer brakes, you should know the name, Stoptech. It was founded in 1999 by a team of engineers who have been racing cars since 1980. Their goal was to be a leader in providing brake upgrades for a weekend warrior or a racing team. Fast forward 30 years and they’ve achieved that and more, producing packages for 277 platforms and helping numerous Touring Car Champions slow for corners.

You have to be smart to patent a design for braking systems; we’re not talking about shift knobs here. So it’s only plausible that the brains at Stoptech are perfectly capable of enhancing other parts of a car, right? Right. So that’s what they did, teaming up with APP to build this intimidating-looking, race-inspired 2010 BMW Stoptech M3. Make the jump to read the details.

Stoptech BMW M3 1

Since Stoptech specializes in brakes, that’s where we’ll begin. They wanted to use a system that would decrease stopping distances, reduce fade, and also reduce weight. By using rotors forged from aluminum, they did just that. Although the front rotors are a Domino’s Large-sized 15″ (14″ rear) they still managed to save the M3 17.6 pounds. The real halting power comes from the 6-piston front calipers which grab those disks like Kanye West does someone else’s microfone.

Stoptech BMW M3 brakes

What that all means for the M3 is braking later and for less time, which equals more time on the gas and thus lower lap times. A + B + C=winning, and winning is good. Horsepower is certainly more fun, but if you want a faster lap, braking is equally important. Imprisoning the slotted rotors are a set of APP wheels that, despite being 19″, weigh 3.3lbs less per wheel. Those two upgrades reduce unsprung weight and rotating mass, leaving improved acceleration as a nice side effect.

Stoptech BMW M3 4

But if you’re building a car, you won’t leave faster acceleration solely up to the reduction of weight; you can’t. It may not be illegal, but it goes against man, nature, and god. So Stoptech sent the car to APP, who -and they won’t tell us how – coaxed 30 more horsepower and 30 more torques from the V8, for a total of 450hp/325lb ft. It may have had something to do with the new titanium exhaust, which is 50 lbs lighter than the stock system. Perhaps BMW soaked the exhaust in cement before they bolted it on? Capping off the track-friendly gift bag is a set of Club Sport coilovers by KW, and very nicely done silver Vinyl Wrap.

Stoptech BMW M3 2

The 2010 BMW M3 is already an amazing car, Stoptech has simply enhanced every one of its great attributes. The power isn’t crazy, but this is exactly how you build a balanced car. You don’t just blow your budget on a supercharger and call it a day. This is how you should spend your “mod fund.” Upgrade everything equally. This M3 is now the perfect car for double duty; you can use the Bluetooth phone to wish your dad a happy Father’s Day, ensure your mom the brakes are keeping you safe, and the vinyl wrap will protect your paint so you can ride that RS4’s ass until he gives in.

Source: APP Automotive