Stillen Supercharger Kit Spices Up Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 [w/ Video]

Stillen Nissan 370Z

Nissan’s rear-wheel-drive sport coupe cousins – the Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 – would hardly qualify as slow by most people’s standards. Much of that rapidity comes courtesy of the VQ37, the current evolution of Nissan’s VQ family of V6 engines. With 332hp in the Z Car (330hp in the G37), this 3.7L mill provides loads of pep and a ballsy, baritone exhaust note.

But as with just about any stock vehicle, there’s certainly room for improvement, and when it comes to improving Nissan and Infiniti products, few firms have earned more accolades than Stillen. Formed by New Zealand ex-pat and former Nissan factory driver Steve Millen (who is also the brother of Rod and the uncle of Rhys), the Irvine, California-based firm has unveiled a supercharger kit designed to take the 370Z and G37 to the next level.

Stillen VQ37 Supercharger Kit installed view

At the heart of the American-made kit lies a Vortech V-3 centrifugal supercharger, which mounts just behind and to the right of the left headlight. The compressed-air then gets shoved down a polished intake tube and into a Stillen cast aluminum intake manifold featuring dual throttlebodies. The good news about that intake manifold is that it will fit under a stock 370Z or G37 hood, something that could not be said of Stillen’s supercharger kit for the old VQ35 engine. Other parts packaged with the kit include K&N air filter elements, higher-flow fuel injectors, an air-to-water intercooler, an UpRev ECU Tuning cable and software, and an instruction manual.

So how much more muscle does this kit add? Stillen will only go as far as saying it bumps the total to over 500hp. That’s a substantial jump, but the good news doesn’t end there: The kit is compatible with both automatic and manual transmission cars, and will fit convertible (and, in the case of the Infiniti), AWD and sedan models. But the best news (as far as we’re concerned, anyway) is that the kit is California emissions legal, and you know that if something will pass here, it will pass damn near anywhere, including each of the other 49 states.

Stillen VQ37 Supercharger Kit components view

Pricing starts at $6,299 for the kit with a satin-finished supercharger, while a kit with a polished supercharger retails for $6,699. That’s not cheap, but watch the video below and note how quickly that 370Z accelerates. Then picture the bewildered looks on the faces of M3 and Corvette drivers as you blow them into the weeds. Starts to seem like a pretty good deal, huh?

Stillen VQ37 Supercharger Kit

Stillen VQ37 Supercharger Kit

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