Jaguar C-X75 prototype

Stillborn to Run: XCar Drives the Jaguar C-X75 Prototype [Video]

Back in 2010,Jaguar– then only two years removed from being cut loose byFord– seemed to be in search of its mojo. However, the car it brought to that year’sParis Motor Show– theC-X75 Concept– announced to the world that the hallowed British nameplate had most certainly found that mojo. The response from the motoring press and the public was immediate and almost universal: Build it! AndJaguarwas moving in that direction, developing a production version of the heavenlyhybrid supercar(though the concept’stwin mini-turbine range extenderswere replaced with a much more humdrumturbocharged and supercharged 1.6L inline-four, albeit one boosted to within a micrometer of its life to make500 horsepower).

Tragically, management pulled the plug at the 11thhour, leaving only five prototypes (including one fully-furnished production-trim example) extant.XCar’sAlex Goyrecently got a chance to try out one of those five (Lucky sod…) and, as you can see and hear, reports that it’s face-rippingly fast. It’s a damn shame the world will never get to see it go toe-to-toe with the current crop of productionhybridsupercars: ThePorsche 918 Spyder,Ferrari LaFerrariandMcLaren P1. Annoyingly, all three of those pavement scalders are scheduled to be built in greater numbers than was the Jag. There really is no justice in the world…

Source: YouTube