Tuner cars at Bruntingthorpe

Still Speeding: Britain’s Baddest Tuner Cars Frolic to the Sounds of Sway [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13OPEQPxvFU[/youtube]

Even though Great Britain’s national tree is the speed camera and driving and parking in Central London other major city centers is, in some cases, more expensive than buying enough bicycles, helmets and scrotum-squishing shorts to mobilize an army of self-righteous sprocketheads, the Land of Hope and Glory still manages to have a rather healthy tuning scene. So healthy, in fact, that the lads at the YouTube channelXCar(and presumably a couple other media outlets) managed to gather a whole gaggle of tuner cars at the former RAF and USAF base at Bruntingthorpe to wring them out. Naturally, they got lots of footage of each, but what to do for a compilation video?

Set it to music of course! In this case, they picked“Still Speeding (Kill the Noise Remix),”a track from homegrown rapperSway. And even if the soundtrack isn’t your cup of tea, we hope the stylish cuts of hopped upPorsches,Audis,BMWs,Fordsand more are. Why else would you have clicked “Play?”

Source: YouTube