Still Jonesing for a Maybach Exelero of Your Own? Viper-Based Replicas May Be on the Way

Maybach Exelero front 3/4 view

Remember the awesomely-sinister (Or is that sinisterly-awesome?) concept coupe from Maybach, the Exelero, from a few years ago? Remember being smitten with its handsome fastback lines, Punisher-esque maw and, oh yeah, a stonking twin-turbo V12? Well, given the reanimated brand’s perpetually shaky future, it should be no surprise that parent company Daimler doesn’t seem to have any intent of putting the thing into production. Bummer, man.

But some of you really, really want one. You’re outta luck, right? Not if a recent JamesList posting is to be believed you aren’t. Well, you sorta are. To quote an obscure coach for a little-known Great Lakes area football franchise, “What the hell is going on out here?!”

Maybach Exelero

Turns out that JamesList posting was made by what appears to be Geneva, Switzerland’s Lamborghini dealer that says it will, for 550,000 Euros ($670,000-ish U.S.), sell you a new Dodge Viper dressed in Exelero duds with 23” wheels, a blower to bump the big pushrod V10 up to 800hp and, most curiously, a semi-automatic gearbox. The listing claims that buyers can pick the interior and exterior coloring, and that after four months, it will be shipped to your door (wherever on earth that may be) free of charge.

All they ask is a 20% deposit, and considering the lone real Exelero in existence sold for $8 million, that seems like a pretty good deal. Of course, it also seems like it could be the handiwork of the folks working in Nigeria’s number one export industry, if you catch our drift. Then again, you can always call or email the seller before cutting a check, you only live once, and how can you not giggle like a schoolgirl at the thought of a Viper that looks like the Maybach mother-[REDACTED]ing Exelero? Class dismissed.

Source: JamesList