Stiga Sports Studio ping pong table

Stiga Sports Studio Ping Pong Table puts the Bass in Basement

Stiga Sports Studio ping pong table

Regardless of whether it’s a converted garage, furnished basement or a purpose-built room of the house, no home game room is truly complete unless it has a ping pong table. And this ping pong table from Stiga Sports – arguably the world’s top ping pong equipment manufacturer – will make your game room more complete than most, thanks to the bumping sound system built in to it. The 2,800 watts and 360° worth of Kicker audio equipment includes a QSC CXD amp, two 12” subwoofers and eight 6×9 speakers, plus smartphone/MP3 player connectivity via Bluetooth and a microphone jack in case you want to unleash your inner Jim McKay as your friends face off (or invent the sport of drunk karaoke table tennis, i.e. mic in one hand, paddle in the other and put one of them down to drink a shot for every lyric you flub or volley you fail to return. Huh, guess we already invented it for you…). The Stiga Studio Table, as it has been named, is hand-assembled at a Stiga facility here in the U.S., and will set you back a princely $14,900, though that price does include shipping and installation.

Source: Stiga Sports

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