Startech Range Rover Pickup is an Anglophone Avalanche

Tuned Range Rovers are hardly a novelty in this day and age. The mostly aluminum current model has hordes of body kits, engine upgrades, suspension kits and other parts available for it, so Startech – the division of Brabus that handles Jaguar and Land Rover products – knew it would have to do something special to the Range Rover it would be showing at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show to help it stand out from the herd. And we reckon turning it into a crew-cab pickup succeeds in doing so.


The rearmost section of the roof has been jettisoned, with a finished cargo bed framed by carbon fiber sail panels and tailgate trim and a new fixed rear bulkhead with a funky T-shaped window taking its place. Think Chevrolet Avalanche, but about 90% more baller (or, if you prefer, a 40% more baller Cadillac Escalade EXT), and no handy-dandy Midgate to accommodate longer items. At least Startech was also kind enough to add the rest of its Range Rover body kit, a quartet of 23” wheels and custom black leather upholstery with red stitching. As pickup trucks go it might have done the unthinkable and defeated the Chevy SSR and Lincoln Blackwood for the title of “Least Useful Ever,” but when you consider the target audience considers making an entrance a vehicle’s most important role, this one-off (at least for now) British bruiser is at the head of its class.

Source: Startech