2013 SRT Viper TA

SRT Viper TA Exacts Its Revenge [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLa3l_UX77c[/youtube]

You don’t want to mess withRalph Gilles. Oh sure, he may be an accomplished automotive designer and the head ofChrysler’sStreet and Racing Technology(SRT) brand. But if you try to besmirch the reputation of him, his coworkers, his company, or the products made by his company well, may Walter Chrysler have mercy on your soul. WhenDonald Trumpparroted presidential hopefulMitt Romney’s, uh, factually-deficient proclamation thatJeepwas moving all of its production to China,Ralphie Gmade a beeline to the Twitterverse to disseminatehis opinionof the reality TV host, provocateur and sometime real estate kingpin.

While theChevrolet Corvette ZR1’s defeat of the freshly mintedSRT Viper GTSin a recentMotorTrendcomparison test wasn’t quite the same genus of trolling as The Donald’s jaw-flappings, Mr. Gilles still found it irksome. So irksome, in fact, that he and theSRTteam moved the development of the newViper TA– as in Time Attack – ahead of schedule.By at least half a year. And when the more hardcoreViperwas ready for review by the motoring press, which outlet do you think Ralph called first? (Hint: It wasn’t us. Not that we’rebitteror anything…) As you can see in this video fromMT, the results of the TA’s upgrades speak for themselves (with a bit of help from our budJonny Liebermanand the magazine’s tame racing driverRandy Pobst).

Source: YouTube