SR Auto Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Brings the White Noise

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is about as extreme as mass produced new cars get. But Dodge did leave quite a bit of room for tuners to make it even more extreme, which is exactly what the enterprising Vancouverites at SR Auto Group have decided to do with this particular Vanishing Point worthy white Challenger Hellcat. Of course, they didn’t do it all by themselves; they had some help from their frequent partners at Liberty Walk and PUR Design.


The Liberty Walk crew came up with one of its signature exposed-fastener fender extension kits for Dodge’s 21st century pony car. The flares allowed SR Auto’s mechanics to fit this mega muscle car with gold-finished 20” LG01 wheels from their friends at PUR Design; the rear wheels actually measure a mammoth 12” wide. Finally, an air suspension system was also installed to allow this 707 horsepower brute to rock a pavement-scraping stance when parked. But with all that oomph at your disposal, do you really want it spending a lot of time parked? No, kind sir or madam, you don’t…

Source: SR Auto Group