SR Auto Liberty Walk BMW M3 Convertible (E93) front 3/4 view

SR Auto Liberty Walk BMW M3 Convertible is a Stance Recital

SR Auto Liberty Walk BMW M3 Convertible (E93) front 3/4 view

If you call western Canada home and are in the market for a distinctive, well-thought-out tuner car, you’d be all kinds of daft to not at least pay SR Auto a visit. The crafty Vancouverites have made a habit of taking body kits, wheels and other aftermarket parts made by some of the world’s best known firms and applying them to vehicles in manners that, while maybe not everyone’s cup of Tim Horton’s java, are most certainly cohesive, creative and altogether nicely put together. And this E93 BMW M3 Convertible continues that trend.

SR Auto BMW M3 Convertible (E93) wheel closeup

The overall physique of this Bimmer is completely transformed by the installation of a Liberty Walk widebody kit which, in addition to the fender flares, features a big front splitter and a rear spoiler. Of course, with all that extra room in the wheel wells, SR Auto simply had to fill them with some big, meaty wheels and tires. And this set of PUR LX12s (19”x10.5” fronts, 19”x12” rears) certainly fit that description. Additionally, SR had the wheel centers finished in matte black, while the rims wear gloss candy apple red, a decidedly sinister combination to go with the sinister black body.

SR Auto BMW M3 Convertible (E93) brake caliper closeup

That pretty much rounds out the upgrades (aside from a set of Dinan brake calipers and a lowered suspension), but the impact of the upgrades that have been fitted is substantial. This killer convertible would stand out at almost any show or get-together, never mind monopolize attention out on the road. Plus, it leaves us wondering what SR Auto can possibly do to top it…

SR Auto BMW M3 Convertible (E93) front 3/4 view 2

Source: SR Auto