Performance Spotlight – AEM Advanced Engine Management

AEM Power

Advanced Engine Management got its start 19 years ago and has been on a tear ever since. The company is a tier 1 supplier of performance bolt-on accessories and performance electronics in North America. AEM is best known for the Cold Air Intake systems they pioneered for the sport compact market. They also invented the V2 induction system and air bypass valves and solved the engineering dilemma of handling hybrid intake systems for cars with engine swaps. AEM has been developing and releasing DRYFLOW oil-free air filter technology since 2005 and offering it with all of their air intake systems.

AEM Power Fuel Rail and Air Intake

On the electronic side, AEM came up with the first programmable engine management system (EMS) that snapped right into the factory wiring harness. And they also were the first to bring to market a gauge that contained both a wide-band UEGO controller (for monitoring air & fuel ratios) and readout in the same unit.

AEM Cold Air Intake System

I had an opportunity to stop by their facility, check out their operations from engineering to warehousing, and pick their brains about new products on the horizon. First ,let me say that AEM is first class company with very knowledgeable folks who are passionate about their business. A special thanks to Sami Sharaf for showing me around, answering all of my uninformed questions and following-up on outstanding inquiries. So, what’s on the horizon?

On the induction systems side, AEM has some very cool Electronically Tuned Intakes (ETI) that are coming to market. These intakes come with an electronic module that is actually programmed for each application. AEM has made great strides with these kits. Filter Minder Gauges are a new item that allows you to stay up-to-date on the status of your air filter from inside your ride. And they are continuing to expand their offering of air intake systems for upcoming car models as well as back-filling kits for older models. New sizes in both conical and panel-style air filters are coming out,  so keep checking back with them if they don’t have your car covered just yet.

For performance electronics, there is a new, more powerful version of the current engine management system offering, Series2 EMS, that provides better compatibility with more applications with CAN-BUS compatibility and variable cam timing on the horizon. AEM is expanding their offering of gauges to include a wide-band air-fuel ratio gauge that is analog, which is very cool. And they are in the process of verifying additional applications for their line of Fuel/Ignition Controller (F/IC) products. These tools are great alternatives to piggy-back computers.

Last year for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, AEM prepared a Suburu WRX with all of their various product offerings. Please check out the photo gallery below to see the car inside and out.

Source: Advanced Engine Management