SPOFEC Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II is a Sweet Sequel [w/ Video]


It wasn’t all that long ago that cars from Rolls-Royce were ones that you just never saw being tuned. That’s been changing lately, and the Novitec Group’s Rolls-Royce specialist arm, SPOFEC, is one of the aftermarket labels leading the charge. Its makeover for the Ghost was spooky-good, and now it’s releasing customizing parts for the updated Ghost Series II that look set to maintain that momentum.


Since the stock Ghost Series II shares most of its exterior styling with the Series I, it shouldn’t come as a massive shock that a lot of SPOFEC’s Series II kit is also carried over. Really, the most obvious change is the same change that distinguishes the factory standard Ghost Series II: The shape of the headlights. That said, we do dig the color scheme the SPOFEC crew applied to the demo car seen here, as black and gold have never not gone great together on an automobile.


Source: SPOFEC