Spartan Race: Train as a Team, Get 200% the Results

Spartan Race

Usually when we are referring to racing, it has to do with four wheels, an engine and a track. But in this case, it’s worth taking a look at a different kind of race – a foot race, a test of wills and a sport that is taking the fitnessindustryby storm. Using a team based approach, the Spartan Race hosts epic obstacle courses in different locations throughout the country.

As we head into the New Year, we’re all looking for ways to improve our lives. Whether weneed to lose weight, get healthier, eat cleaner, get more rest, or move more during the day,we all have room to get better. Spartan Race has always been in the business of ripping peopleoff their couches and getting them out leading healthier lives. So, how can you make somepositive changes heading into the New Year? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Spartan Race

Look good. Feel good.

These are two simple, attainable goals that we all want at the end of the day. And yet,sometimes, it can seem so far from your reach. The difference between hope today, andaccomplishment tomorrow, is motivation. How do you get motivated? You lean on yourfriends at Spartan Race because they are there to help. Sign up for an event with some friends.The rest as they say, will become history. Yes, it really is that simple, just take the first step.The founders of Spartan Race have been doing this for years. First, you commit to changewith friends and people that support you. Next, you start going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, training more, eating healthy. You will push and your friends will push harder. T.E.A.M.Together, Everyone Achieves More.


Every day, alongside your friends, you will find a drive and motivation the likes of which youhave not known. You will be inspired every day to stay on track, and when you fall, your friendswill be there. Peer Pressure, is an amazing training ally. Never underestimate your capacity foraccomplishment.

Spartan Race

The Atlantic Magazine just reported that, “the Köhler effect occurs when weaker individuals,when placed on a team, perform better than they would on their own.” And not just a littlebit…up to 200% better. When you strive to match others, you’ll achieve your goals twice asquickly.

How can a Spartan Race help you drink less beer and shrink your waist you ask?

It’s simple; they make you commit to sweat. Start by signing up for the WOD (Workout of the Day) to get a daily dose of Spartan training. You only have one body and the healthier itis, the better it will reward you and function as a precision tool. It is not hard to comprehendthat once you remove processed foods out of your diet, start raising your heart rate, and workyour lungs, liver etc. you will see dramatic improvements. The body will dispel the toxins andreward you for your efforts.

Spartan Race

Once you embrace the Spartan lifestyle, the ultimate reward will come from the mind. Soundswill never be more audible, thoughts more clear, goals once seeming impossible will be withinreach. With the proper fuel, you become focused to a level you cannot fathom. Functionalitywill increase and stress will decrease.

Spartan Race

We all set resolutions at the beginning of the year. And the sad truth is that 70% of New Year’sresolutions will fail. Now that’s science, not marketing, but it got your attention didn’t it!Want a permanent resolution that will last the whole year? How about a Spartan Trifecta?Finishing a Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast in a Spartan season represents a goal that only afew thousand people have accomplished. The Spartan Trifecta medal is a coveted point ofpride for everyone from elderly racers, to extreme athletes. The common ground for everyone,is commitment.

Need more than a medal?

There are plenty of additional side effects to exercise. You’ll cut your risk of heart disease by50%, you’ll decrease your risk of cancer by 20%, you’ll strengthen your bones, you’ll increaseyour problem solving abilities, your ability to concentrate, live 5-10 years longer (on average)and so many other benefits.

It is truly a universal panacea for body and mind. And you’llbecome part of a community of like-minded individuals who will inspire you to reach for goalspreviously out of reach.


Need motivation?

It starts with saying what you want aloud, and it might end with a bet…that simple. Makea challenge with a co-worker; first one to the finish line of the Spartan Race wins. It might give you the extra push that you need. Lay it all out and your goal becomes tangible.

Onceeveryone knows, you will be constantly reminded and refocused. You will be amazed with whatyou can accomplish. You’ll be that much more likely to succeed if you surround yourself otherswho are working out.

Here is a look at the upcoming event schedule: Spartan Events

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