Jaguar XFR-S

Southern Comfort (and Speed): Road Tripping the Deep South in a Jaguar XFR-S [Video]

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Ah, America’s Deep South. Most outsiders assume the only noteworthy things that originate there are fried food,NASCARfans, wildlife-centric reality shows, and the subjects of 93% of the posts But as the old saying (with some emergency modifications from us) goes, you can’t judge a book by its twangy accent. Or something.

MotorTrend’sArthur St. Antoinerecently embarked on a fact-finding mission across the Gulf Region, pilotingJaguar’s newXFR-Sbetween the first and current homes of theFormula 1 United States Grand Prix:Sebring International Racewayin Florida andCircuit of the Americasin Texas. Along the way, he gets schooled by a drag racing god, visits what may be the country’s most historic laundromat (for reasons that have nothing to do with fabric softener), and even wrestles a gator. Oh, and he discovers thatJag’s newsuper sedanis not just super, but finger-lickin’ super, ‘hear?

Source: YouTube