Sonus Faber Venere S is High Fashion Hi-Fi


If you’re in the market for a premium home audio/home theater system, chances are there’s at least a product or two made by Sonus Faber on your consideration list. The Italian company offers a host of different speaker families, each with different models for various applications, locations and other factors. One such family of products is the Venere, which is welcoming a new, stylish member to the brood.


Dubbed the Venere S (The “S” stands for signature.), these three-way floorstanding speakers (sold as a pair) feature a 29mm high definition tweeter, a 150mm midrange cone driver and a woofer blasting through a trio of 180mm aluminum cones that supposedly reduce response time at low frequencies. Aluminum also forms the trim rings surrounding each of the five cones, while the base is made of black brushed aluminum (rather than the glass of other Venere devices). Buyers have a choice of gloss black or white bodies for $4,999, or genuine wood bodies for $5,499. That’s big bucks for a set of speakers, yes, but these could legitimately be called the Ferraris of home theater speakers: Obsessively engineered, Italian designed and built, and capable of exceptional performance. Hard to beat a recipe like that.

Source: Sonus Faber

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