This Yacht is Extra Green So You Get Extra Time in the Blue

Cruising the waves in a yacht is awesome; taking time to pull into port (as much as three days in some instances) and refuel said yacht is not so awesome. That’s less time to spend in open water where you could be fishing, snorkeling, working on your tan or whatever. So any trick to extend the time between fuel stops is appreciated, and a company called Solarwave Yachts has come up with a real dandy.

As you might have guessed from looking at the pictures and the name of the company, this boat relies heavily on solar power for motive and auxiliary power. Because of that, the diesel engine spends less time running, which not only translates to less fuel burned and longer service intervals, but also allows a Solarwave Yachts vessel to cruise silently under electric power, meaning you and your guests can enjoy the unspoiled sounds of waves gently lapping against the hull and seabirds singing. If you ask us, that’s reason enough to set sail in one of these puppies.

Source: Solarwave Yachts