Guido Tschugg Mitsubishi Evo in the snow

Snowball Effect: Guido Tschugg Wrings out His Mitsubishi Evo [Video]

[vimeo width=”960″ height=”540″][/vimeo]

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re aRed Bullsponsored athlete. Aprofessional BMX rider, to be specific. You get to travel the world, defying gravity and conventional wisdom as it relates to human endurance and/or the laws of physics, earning yourself fame, fortune and a multinational kaleidoscope of fans. Nice, huh?

Well, that’s reality for Germany’sGuido Tschugg. But what does Guido do when he’s not launching over jumps and jockeying for position? Well, if this video is any indication, he likes to spend at least part of the winter off-season thrashing an oldMitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIIthrough the snow. And when we say “through the snow” we truly mean through the snow. Probably not the sort of shenanigans theMitsubishiengineers had in mind when they designed it, but the roughly decade-old road registered rally car seems to hold up pretty well.

Source: Vimeo