Video: Snow Drifting a Rolls-Royce – Hilarious or Sacrilegious?

Rolls-Royce Phantom Snow Drifting

Ever do something that was perfectly safe, totally harmless, and fun for all parties involved, yet somehow made you feel bad? That is how I feel when I watch this video. Snow drifting is to me what adopting children is to Brangelina; I do it as often as possible, wherever possible, and don’t care what people think of it. And yet, this video makes me feel dirty. A Rolls Royce Phantom power sliding in the snow just feels wrong.

I feel as if the car itself would be better than that, shutting down mid-slide and giving the driver a stern lecture on proper etiquette when in public, with a heavy British accent.  It’s like watching Ben Stein shooting cans; somehow I thought he was above that. The image of opulence and sophistication that Rolls Royce always identifies itself with seems out of place having this much fun. My mom thinks snow drifting is dangerous (she’s wrong, I know), and I just can’t see myself ever wanting to do anything “dangerous” in a Rolls Royce. To me it seems like a place for quiet thought, conversation, and relaxation. Plus it’s so heavy you’d probably have more fun in a 1985 Subaru Legacy. But there must be a feeling of delicious naughtiness you get when you power-slide a $400,000 luxury-suite-on-wheels. What do you think? Fun, weird, or just plain wrong?

Source: YouTube