Cressida drifting in the snow

Snow Drift: Formula D Star Fredric Aasbo and Friends Get Sideways [Video]

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If there’s one thingmotorsportshistory has taught the world aboutScandinavians, it’s that they tend to possess phenomenal car control abilities. Granted, this mastery of the friction circle, trailing-throttle oversteer and all that other good stuff is kind of born out of necessity, what with all the driving on snow, ice, gravel and other slick surfaces these people have to do in their everyday lives, never mind on a track or rally stage. But that doesn’t make it any less remarkable.

So it’s no surprise that this proud people puts these talents on display even when it’s just fooling around. Of course, when one of the folks fooling around is NorwegianFormula DriftstarFredric Aasbo, the average talent level of the group goes up substantially. But even if Fredric is sliding his highly-modifiedToyota GT86(a.k.a. the Euro marketScion FR-S) to keep himself fresh for the soon-to-begin 2013Formula Dseason, you wouldn’t know it, as he offers instruction and advice to his friends as they learn to hoon their oldToyotas,VolvosandBMWs. Why can’t everyone have friends this cool?

Source: YouTube