Jeff Gordon hidden camera prank

Smile, You’re on Candid Camaro: Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Troll a Car Salesman [Video]

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While it’s impossible for one to verify 100% the authenticity of a hidden camera prank (unless you’re on the receiving end of one, that is), there’s no denying that many of the situations into which subjects are put (and their reactions to them) are hilarious. It’s even more funny when celebrities are the ones pulling the prank. In those instances, the prankee doesn’t know what to be more flummoxed by: The fact that he’s been had, or the fact that he’s been had by a well-known figure.

Four-timeNASCAR Sprint Cup SerieschampionJeff Gordoncertainly qualifies as a well-known figure, even outsidemotorsportscircles (Seems like only yesterday he was dominating our Thursday evening TV viewing, administering beatdowns to hisUSAC Sprint and Midget carrivals while winning fans’ hearts with his gawky kid demeanor and mustachioed, bemulleted grooming. Yes, we are indeedthat old.). So when the futureNASCARhall of famer and longtime sponsorPepsidecided to have some fun at the expense of a used car salesman and an’09 Chevrolet Camaro, you just knew the payoff was going to be good. And it is, all-but-certainly-staged-ness be damned.

Source: YouTube