Digital Artist Gives smart fortwo the Maybach Treatment, Because Reasons [w/ Video]

After its attempt at reviving Maybach as a standalone brand fizzled out after just over a decade, Daimler AG (which is probably best known as the parent company of Mercedes-Benz) went back to the drawing board and created the Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand a few years ago. And the longer, more lavish S- and G-Classes certainly are worthy of the double-M badge, but what if Daimler decided to apply the treatment to one of its less fancy products? Like it’s absolute rock-bottom least-fancy product, the smart fortwo?

Well, there’s no indication that Daimler is planning to create such a high-society city car (which is understandable, given how the conceptually identical Aston Martin Cygnet bombed harder than a whole hangar’s worth of MOABs), but that didn’t stop digital artist Jan Peisert from booting up Photoshop to give the current third-generation fortwo a Maybach makeover. The end product is pretty convincing (or as convincing as this highly-unlikely mashup can be, anyway), but we’re especially interested in the time-lapse “making of” video that Peisert also released and which can be found below. Just be forewarned that it’s up to you to decide whether you use any techniques you learn from it for good or evil…or prank-centric holidays

Source: Peisert Design