Girl tumbling over a stock car

Shift into “High Gear” with VP Racing Fuels, JC Allstars, Hot Cars and Hotter Babes [Video]

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The last decade or so has seen rise to prominence of at least two new forms of motorsport:Driftingand its close cousingymkhana. They’re both quite entertaining, but we can’t help wondering what hip new form of automotive competition will tickle the fancy of the world’s petrolheaded youth next. Correction: Wewerewondering what the next big thing would be, but now we know what it will be. Say hello todrag-nastics!

Okay, so drag-nastics isn’t arealmotorsport; it was merely invented for thisVP Racing Fuels-sponsoredmusic videoby a band calledJC Allstars. And thesmokin’ hot babesaren’t actually in the paths of those chargingstock cars,FerrarisandCamaros(Clever editing and camera placement FTW.). Still, we think it’s rather amusing as far asmusic videosgo. Is that mostly because ofthe gorgeous womenfolkin it? Well they don’t exactly detract from the video…

Source: YouTube