Chevrolet Caprice Wagon drag racing

Shamu at the Strip: Big Muscle Drag Races a Chevy Caprice Wagon [Video]

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“The best laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry.” It is a rather well known line from theRobert Burnspoem“To a Mouse,”and did in fact inspire the title of theJohn SteinbecknovelOf Mice and Men. Basically, it means there’s only so many things over which we have control in this world; often times, the universe forces a change of plans.

Such was the case whenMike Mustoand posse were shooting a recent episode ofBig Muscle. The would-be star – athird-gen Chevrolet Camaro– was being a diva, but the guys needed enough footage of something to make an episode. So they decided to take their1992ChevroletCaprice Wagon– alias theBattle Wagon– to the street-legal drag races atSonoma Raceway. No, not as spectators, but as participants. Sure, the Chevy “Whalemobile” was hardly the fastest thing in attendance that evening (the wheezyTBI 350under the hood and the open differential in back made sure of that), but Mike,Thaddeusand our old cohortZackstill had a grand old time.

Source: YouTube