Chris Harris and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Serial Tirecide: Chris Harris Roasts the Hides in a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta [Video]

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TheFerrari F12 Berlinettais, in case you haven’t noticed, many things: The most powerful regular productionFerrariever (at least untilLaFerrariproduction ramps up). The most powerful front-engine Ferrari ever. The fastest road-going Ferrari (again, pre-LaFerrari). And the latest member of a long, proud line of front-mountedV12-poweredtwo-seatgrand tourers.

But did you know it’s also a natural-born-drifter? We kind of had an inkling that it was (what withmore than 700 horsepowerbeing sent to the rear wheels and all), butDrive’sChris Harrishas managed to confirm our suspicions. He also confirms it’s faster than anygrand tourerhas a right to be, and that it sounds a-MAZ-ing. It’s quite nice to be proven right once in a while.

Source: YouTube