SEMA Show 2009: Murdered Out Bentley Continental GT With Premier4509 Body Kit

SEMA 2009 - Blacked Out Custom Bentley Continental GT

There is no real story here other than the fact we came across this “murdered out” Bentley Continental GT at SEMA 2009 and were in awe standing in its presence. Bentley coupes signify plush, comfortable high-snobiety motoring in an uber-luxury package. This, however, looks like it just killed something and is proud of it. Sporting a matte black satin finish, monster Nutek wheels with black insets and lips along with blacked out grills and air inlets, this GT just looks wicked. The addition of a Premier4509 widebody kit is just icing on the cake. This thing is ready to dominate the streets of any city in America. Even the Batmobile would have to take pause.

Inside, diamond-stitched light suede seats nicely offset the exterior. I think if the uphostery had been done in Alcantara or dark leather, this thing would just fade to black. In any case, this is an awesome custom job on a $180,000 luxury coupe that truly does it justice. In fact, it looks much better than even the Bentely Supersports flavor. All we can say it deeeaaammmmnnn….

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