SEMA Show 2009: EPIC Cartel Custom Scion tC – Open Air Motoring At Its Finest

SEMA 2009 - Scion tc by Epic Cartel

Scion always seems to wow us at every auto show. Not only is their display area usually the most creative, but since customization and tuning is woven into the very fabric of the brand, they throw out some really amazing automotive presentations. The 2009 SEMA Show was no different. This year featured xB Tuner Challenge Cars from Mummbles Marketing, Eneri Abillar and Bowls along with a pair of xD customization from 0-60 Mag and Kogi. Scion also featured our favorite car on display, the Epic Cartel tC (shown above).

“The inspiration of project Epic came from a mix of builds I have been involved in order the last 18 months. Each time I begin a project from start to finish, no one major factor ever lets me down. Design changes on a daily basis. With that said what one envision in his or her mind sometimes just doesn’t look right and your have to move on to plan B. So what I do is take all these crazy ideas and apply them to what I like to call the DB (Design Bank) waiting to cash out on it with the next project.

Major Highlights that make this build unique is that it’s a new twist of technology and insane flowing body lines. It’s been chopped 3″ with B-Pillars & center glass roof section removed and reinforced completely. This style build makes for a great display car that interacts with its consumers and vendors. The Epic completes the Scion line of cars better known as the Trilogy/Cartel Open Air Collection.” – Jeremy Lookofsky, Cartel

Source: Scion