SEMA 2009 Preview: Zele Performance Up for ‘Rookie of the Year’ with Tuned Nissans

Zele Nissan R35 GT-R Complete Edition

Earlier this year we brought you the scoop on Zele International’s Nissan R35 GT-R: “Complete Edition” that was set to debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in early 2009. Apparently the reception was a warm one, because Zele is flying its mascot to SEMA 2009. The company started as a Skyline dealership but is quickly making a name for itself as a high-end one-stop tuning shop for anything Nissan. Pele has accomplshed this by building 8 exclusive Nissan R35 GT-R models called the “Complete Edition.” They will be displaying this Carbon Fiber-clad warrior at the ENEOS performance motor oil booth and, trust me, this car will stand out.

Instead of bolting in turbos and bragging about their latest dyno pull, Zele Performance went about modifying the GTR using the Goldilocks theory; not too hot, not too cold……. Although its parts list is longer than the P800 from Switzer, only 3 of those parts influence the horsepower. A Zele ECU and titanium turbo-back exhaust bring power up to 550 hp and  the Bilstein suspension (which they perfected at the Ebisu, Tsukuba and Fuji Speedway racetracks) adds another dimension.  The list of carbon fiber parts is long but here are the highlights: hood, roof, wing and rear diffuser. This shop is playing for keeps.

I am very impressed with how Zele International designs their body kit and trim pieces. Too often it looks like someone designed a side skirt while hiding in a cave in the Mojave desert, without even seeing the car the piece would be attached to. Zele appears to understand what it means to design a car, not just the part. Both cars will stand out at SEMA, and hopefully continue to draw praise. We’ll have more SEMA cars for you soon, and keep your eyes here for what other great things Zele undoubtedly has in store for us.

Source: ZELE Performance