Scuderia Ferrari Aerodinamico Carbon Fiber Chronograph is Built for Speed

If you stop and think about it, there might very well be as much carbon fiber in a modern Formula 1 car as there is metal. The chassis (or “tub”) itself, the bodywork, the suspension arms and the gearbox casing are just a few of the components made by the stronger-than-steel-but-way-lighter material. So it’s only fitting that the latest watch to be released by Ferrari would make liberal and artful use of the stuff.


This newest member of the Scuderia Ferrari Aerodinamico family of watches features a rugged 46mm TR90 case that’s styled to resemble a brake rotor and caliper assembly (and is water resistant to 50 meters), a silicone strap, and carbon fiber adorning most of the face and concealing the precision-tuned quartz movements. Best of all, it’s priced at $295, which is actually a pretty good deal by official Ferrari-branded gear standards. It’s almost certainly too late to get one shipped to you in time to incorporate it into your Easter Sunday outfit, but the black and stainless steel (though maybe not so much the yellow) will go with whatever you’re wearing any day of the year.

Source: Ferrari