Scorpion Window Film Readies Your Ride to Face the World

Protecting your car is a piece of cake when it’s in a garage or under some kind of cover, but how do you defend it against the elements when you actually have to, you know, drive it? The sun, dirt and airborne debris can all do a number on your ride’s exterior, while the sun’s rays can also cascade through the windows and cook interior materials. Well, one of the best ways to make your machine more nature-resistant is to enlist the services of a company like Indiana-based Scorpion Window Film to apply protective window tints and wraps to your vehicle. That said, you don’t have to be located in Indiana to be able to benefit from their window tints, as they have a network of installers located all over.

Scorpion Window Film offers a wide selection of two-ply, lifetime-warranted automotive window films, which block up to 99% of UV rays. One series, The Venom Series, features carbon-ceramic construction, while the Shield Series’ nano-ceramic achieves (wait for it) the highest heat rejection at any point on the Nanometer Solar Spectrum. (That just sounds cool, doesn’t it?) All four series come in a variety of colors and darkness levels to match your needs – and your style.

The company also offers Paint Protection film for vehicles. Measuring just six micrometers thick, this material is ultra-transparent, glossy to match the surrounding bare paint (you can even polish and wax it like you would bare paint), and designed to resist yellowing or other discoloration. So robust is Scorpion Paint Protection film, in fact, that the company warranties it for seven years. Whether you buy it by the roll or as a pre-cut kit designed to specifically fit your car, you’ll be able to tell bugs, bird droppings, rock chips and other automotive finish foul-uppers to take a hike.

Are you ready to introduce your ride to its two new best friends? Automotive Tint and Paint Protection by Scorpion Window Film will keep your interior and exterior looking like new, no matter how strong the sun’s rays or what life throws at it (literally).