Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Scaglietti Alarm Clock: Waking up with a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso [Video]

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Owning aclassicFerrarilike, say, a250 GT Lusso, looks like a tremendous amount of fun. But it also looks like a tremendous amount of stress. And almost all of that stress stems from the current values ofclassicFerraris. The worth of these cars affects things like service costs and insurance rates, and can engender paranoia about using them on the open road. That last one is most unfortunate but, in this present epoch of drivers who are texting, grooming, eating, fornicating and doing pretty much anything else you can imagine that isn’t driving, it’s also rather prudent.

But what if you took the other motorists out of the equation? No, we aren’t talking about unleashing a killer supervirus on the world and keeping the vaccine all to yourself, but we are talking about taking your megabuck vintage Italian stallion out in the middle of the night or really, really early in the morning. That’s the strategy ofJames Chen, who owns an example of aforementioned Lusso and also, as it happens,Axis Wheels. There might be drawbacks to this strategy that are worse than having to get to bed and/or waking up earlier, but we can’t think of any at the moment. After all, the Lusso’s lines are lusty to the point of being quite distracting.

Source: YouTube