SAOTA St Leon 10 Residence is a Bachelor Pad Done Right

If you were to create the ultimate bachelor pad, where would you put it? If Cape Town, South Africa wasn’t the first location that came to mind, don’t feel bad. But once you get a gander of the view this happening house – dubbed St Leon 10 Residence by its designer, SAOTA – has from its clifftop lot in the Bantry Bay neighborhood, you’ll wonder why you’ve never considered this locale before. And it’s not like the house itself is a dump, either: An infinity pool, “floating” sculptural staircase, gym, two lounges and a small wine cellar are some of its coolest features, plus a posh kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, of course. And if you’ve got a plot of land and sufficient funds in Cape Town or anywhere else on dry land, SAOTA will be glad to design an amazeballs abode for you, too.

Source: SAOTA