S.A.D. Custom Japan Toyota HiAce Stinger 200HIACE is Forward-Control Frivolity


Japan, as you most certainly ought to know by now, is the world’s leading producer and exporter of weirdness. So it shouldn’t exactly come as a huge shock that there’s a company called S.A.D. Custom Japan that has come up with a decidedly Lamborghini flavored body kit for the…Toyota HiAce van?


The Toyota HiAce is one of the automotive world’s living fossils, a van that places the steering wheel (and, more worryingly, the lower extremities of the driver and front passenger) ahead of the front axle. Of course, one good way to forget about the fact that you’re probably going to be the first to arrive at the scene of an accident is to turn your forward-control van into a heavily-customized box on wheels, and that description fits S.A.D. Custom Japan’s take on the HiAce – called the Stinger 200HIACE – to a T.


Now, we understand that the Lamborghini-esque front and rear bumpers (the former with LED running lights), side skirts, rear spoiler and front cover (Can you really call it a hood when the engine – in this case a 143 horsepower 3.0L turbodiesel inline-four – lives between the front seats under a “doghouse?”) might not be everyone’s cup of espresso, but there’s no denying its status as an attention-getter, which would be a definite plus if you were using one of these vans for a business. And for a price of about $4,000, we think it’d be a pretty savvy investment for HiAce-owning entrepreneurs.


Source: S.A.D. Custom Japan

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  1. ismail

    Hi im ismail from auckland new zealand.im looking body kit for toyota hiace i have 2012…pls tell me how much cost including shipping…thank you

    aisha motors

  2. john quinn

    good day
    my mane is john ,I am from south Africa and I am looking for this kit the Toyota quantum.can you pls send me some pics and the price

    thanks john
    my e-mail is:john.kd@koshcom.co.za

  3. mohammed

    hello, i am interested in purchasing the stinger kit for both the wide and narrow bodies toyota quantum , even known as the hi ace 2010 models , could you kindly forward me prices on the complete kit as well as individual pricing as well . looking forward to your reply

  4. Brendon

    Hi my name is Brendon can you please send price of kit including shipping to Cape Town South Africa.

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