Ryan Tuerck Drifts in the Wild [Video]

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As much as we enjoy many facets ofdrifting(the cars, the stupendous car control skills of the drivers, the screams of tires and engines), one thing that leaves us cold is the variety of venues or, more accurately, the general lack thereof. Short sections of racetracks and jersey barrier labyrinths plunked down in parking lots serve the purpose, but they don’t do much to stimulate the imagination or add to the excitement. If you run wide on corner exit, you just ricochet off the concrete and keep going on your merry way. Yawn.

But what’s this?Formula DriftpilotRyan Tuerckslithering aNissan 240SX Hatchbackup a road barely a-lane-and-a-half-wide in the middle of a forest? With some rather steep drop-offs and a mob of trees waiting to punish a missed braking point or steering overcorrection? That’s more like it!

Source: YouTube