From Russia With Love: Ferrari F430 SU35 By Status Design

Status Design Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Ferrari, along side Pagani, Lamborghini, and Porsche, is among an elite list of manufacturers who make adrenaline pumping machines. Of course, in the world of tuning, too much adrenaline is never enough. The Ferrari F430 has served as playground for the aftermarket set with everything from high-horsepower monsters like the Novitec Rosso 747hp Edizione Special to more mild manner offerings with slight cosmetic overhauls and minor tuning tweaks like the ASI Ferrari F430Status Design, from Russia, is late to the party but still most welcome.

The company has just released the Ferrrai F430 SU35. The name, ‘SDSU35’ is derives from the famous Sukhoi Russian fighter jet. Their tuning kit boosts the F430 Scuderia from 490hp to 525hp. This is done through a new retuned computer, a new high-performance exhaust system, and new air filters. But don’t think for a second that Status Design has stopped at a mere 525hp. For those so-called ‘adrenaline junkies’, they offer an optional supercharging kit that increases the 525hp to a pupil dialating 700hp.

Status Design Ferrari F430 Scuderia

With the boost on horsepower, Status Design upgraded the F430 Scuderia’s braking system to ceramic discs. This is complemented with an incredible looking set of dark blue alloy wheels incased in a thin red lining.

Status Design’s package isn’t all about the internals. On the outside, a new front bumper with an integrated carbon lip has been added to the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. Carbon fiber doesn’t just stop at the front lip, it continues towards the back bumper, side mirrors, side skirts, rear wing, and the hood. Finally, a dash of racing stripes finishes the car off. 

Source: Status Design