Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer

Rump-Engined Restomod: Jay Leno Drives the Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer [Video]


One of the fastest-growing trends in the automotive world lately has been the emergence of thepremium restomod. Rides like theToyota Land CruisersandFord Broncosbeing produced byIconand the964-series Porsche 911sbeing treated to retro racer makeovers byRob Dickinsonand the crew atSinger Vehicle Designmay not be painted in wild colors or have horsepower out the wazoo, but they are the products of meticulous craftsmanship and filled with lots of clever details and custom tricks. Think of them as the gearhead versions of playing old vinyl albums on a turntable that’s plugged in to a modern home theater sound system.

Recently, Dickinson brought one of his company’s thoroughly reworkedPorschestoJay Leno’sBig Dog Garage. Unsurprisingly,Jaywas impressed with not only how the car looks, but how natural and easy-to-pick-up the driving experience is. Perhaps there’s a Singer 911 in the King of Late Night’s future…