Rumor Has It: Robert De Niro to Play Enzo Ferrari in Blockbuster Biopic

Biographical movies (or biopics, to use the popular slang term) have always garnered plenty of attention from critics and moviegoers alike, mostly to see how good (or awful) the leading man or lady is at becoming the film’s real-world-sourced subject. We’re not alone in thinking that automotive history is rife with potential biopic subjects, but perhaps one of the most intriguing candidates is Enzo Ferrari. And it looks like at least one Hollywood A-lister seems to agree.

There’s word out of Italy (specifically, the newspaper Il Messagero) that Robert De Niro has signed on to portray the crotchety high-performance road and race car builder in a big-budget feature-length movie. De Niro himself told the paper that the film – which will apparently be titled…wait for it…Ferrari – is the top project on his priority list, and that considers it “an honor and a joy” to play Mr. Ferrari. Gianni Bozzacchi has signed on to produce, and supposedly Clint Eastwood expressed interest in directing when Bozzacchi approached him. In any case, it sounds like the earliest Ferrari could be in theaters is late next year, but if De Niro and Eastwood are involved, it will absolutely be worth the wait.