Nissan GT-R emblem

Rumor Has It: Nissan GT-R Nismo to Do 0-60 mph in Two Seconds

Nissan GT-R emblem

If Sir Isaac Newton was alive today, and he had the opportunity to drive or ride in a Nissan GT-R, he’d probably give up on his whole Three Laws of Motion thing and just become a community college ceramics teacher. Or a golf course pro shop manager. Maybe a carny. Why? Because the Nissan GT-R accelerates, stops and corners in ways that an object so porcine simply shouldn’t be able to, that’s why.

And that’s just the “regular” R35. The GT-R Track Edition (pictured here), with its lower weight and even sharper chassis calibration, is capable of even more disorienting speeds. But apparently not even “super disorienting” is enough for Nissan. That’s why, according to the word on the street, it has tasked its in-house tuner, Nismo, with developing a GT-R that’s even more extreme than the Track Edition. And the acceleration figures being bandied about are mad enough to make even Amanda Bynes tell Nissan to seek professional help.

2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition side view

According to a Nissan insider who spoke to the British buff book Auto Express during the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, the GT-R Nismo will be both significantly lighter and more powerful than lesser Godzillas. The most common power figure being circulated seems to be 570 horsepower or more, compared to 545hp for the current non-Nismo GT-Rs. Plus, like the Nismo versions of the 370Z and Juke currently on sale, there will be exterior and interior tweaks (i.e. different spoilers, stripes, new seats, etc.) to make this extra-special Japanese supercar easy to spot.

As is the case with the Juke Nismo, the GT-R Nismo is apparently being developed principally by U.K.-based Williams Advanced Engineering. An engineer from the firm told Auto Express, “You’d be surprised at how much room for improvement there is – even with a car like the GT-R. Where you expect it’s all been tuned to the maximum, it’s actually easy to make big gains.” This is hardly news to people who are familiar with the work of tuners like Switzer Performance, but the fact that Nissan and its subcontractor are aware of this is reassuring, to say the least.

2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition rear 3/4 view

Oh, and those insane-in-the-membrane acceleration numbers? Try 0-60 mph in two seconds flat. Yeah, that seems a little optimistic to us, considering the best stock GT-Rs seem to do no better than the high twos, but with enough extra power, a significant enough diet, and optimized suspension, torque split and launch control, you never know. If nothing else, we know that the GT-R Nismo should be one of the quickest – if not the quickest – accelerating production cars ever made.

Source: Auto Express