Rowen Subaru WRX STI Takes the Boxer Bros to Finishing School

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life that owners and enthusiasts of tuned Subarus are frequently stereotyped as vape-pen-wielding, energy-drink-chugging, pants-waists-around-the-knees meatheads. It’s especially unfortunate because we feel a need to express reservations about being fans of Japanese tuner Rowen’s line of parts for the current WRX STI. Truth-be-told, we think they make the pancake-engined street pugilist almost…dare we say it…classy.

The front and rear fascias are bolder than the stock pieces, with LED running and accent elements and a splitter on the front and vents and stainless steel trim on the rear. The full Rowen body kit also features side skirts, trunklid and rear spoiler main plane lips, hood scoop surround, and a grille insert with two polished bars. The company also offers a variety of alloy wheel styles, lowering kits, and one of its Heat Blue titanium cat-back exhaust systems that looks killer and, one would assume, amplifies that signature Subaru boxer song. No, there’s no shame in digging this setup!

Source: Rowen International