Rowen Ferrari 458 Spider Brings the Joyful Noise [w/ Video]

As fantastic a car as the Ferrari 488 GTB will surely be, many car nerds (ourselves included) are dreading how muted and *gulp* tamed that glorious Ferrari V8 music will sound being piped through a pair of turbochargers. After all, the current mid-mounted V8 Fezzas – the 458 Italia and variations thereof – sound like a chorus of metallic angels. Surely there’s no way anyone could manage to make that unboosted flat-crank 4.5L V8 sound even more heavenly, is there?


Well, Rowen Japan seems to have done just that. Its Heat Blue Titan titanium exhaust system for the 458 Italia and 458 Spider not only looks gorgeous, but, as indicated by the video below, it also delivers the auditory equivalent of a lapdance. Of course, Rowen is also well known for its body kits, and this particular 458 Spider delivers those goods in spades. The front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear spoiler and various accessories like front canards and vent extenders make it clear this is no normal junior Ferrari, but they’re never really in your face about it. Ditto those killer split-spoke wheels and lowered suspension. As for the graphics and sponsor decals…we’re pretty sure we could live without them, actually. But please, for the love of Enzo, do not leave out those glorious pipes!


Source: Rowen