Roush Performance Ramps up the Mustang with the Stage 3 Hyper-Series

2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Hyper-Series front 3/4 view

The current Ford Mustang is arguably the best one yet. Whether you’re most excited about the powerful-but-efficient engines, the 6-speed transmissions, the nicely-sorted handling, the slick styling or the dizzying array of options and accessories, there’s a lot to like about Ford’s perennially popular pony car. But some folks do want more: More power. More style. More exclusivity.

For these folks, there’s no shortage of tuning firms who can take the Mustang to the next level. One such aftermarket tuner is Roush Performance, the road car upgrading outfit owned by NASCAR team co-owner Jack Roush. Now Roush Performance has been tuning Mustangs and other Ford products for years, but its latest package for the Mustang is a cut above the rest.

2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Hyper-Series rear 3/4 view

The cosmetic changes to this latest Roush Mustang – dubbed the Stage 3 Hyper-Series – are apparent right away. Five-spoke 18” wheels and a rather subdued body kit pump up the Mustang GT coupe’s already muscular appearance, but it’s the color schemes that really make this ride pop. The Stage 3 Hyper-Series body will be painted in any color you like as long as it’s black, with your choice of one of four accent colors: Mat it Mango, Gas it Green, Punch it Purple and Launch it Lemon. The accent colors appear on stripes parallel to the larger silver side stripes, the Roush emblems, the stitching on the seats, door panels and shifter boot, and the shift knobs. Why the plural? Roush wants buyers to have a choice between black with accent color shift patterns and accent color with black shift patterns, so you can grab a different knob depending on your mood. (Those of you who have at least a passing familiarity with British English slang are no doubt giggling in the corner.)

But lest you assume the Stage 3 Hyper-Series is merely more show and the same amount of go, know that Roush also installs its 50-state legal TVS supercharger atop the 5.0L V8. As a result, power output rises from 412hp to 540hp, while torque jumps from 390 lb.-ft to 465 lb.-ft. The package is only available with the 6-speed manual transmission.

2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Hyper-Series color schemes

Roush says the Stage 3 Hyper-Series package will retail for $27,300 (not including shipping and handling to your nearest Roush Perfomance certified retailer or a stock Mustang GT donor car). That's a bit strong, but be mindful that the package will be offered in very limited quantities. Specifically, only 100 examples will be built, 25 in each accent color. Yeah, you could just go out and buy a Shelby GT500 and have more choice with regard the color combo, but they’re so ubiquitous by comparison. Besides, we like saying Mat it Mango.

Source: Roush Performance