RoMEA Superyacht is a Floating Resort for Rent

Would you rent a mansion for $986,000 a week? Probably not, right? Even if you had the kind of money to do that, you’d just put that toward buying a mansion! But what about spending $986,000 a week to charter a gigantic yacht, specifically the RoMEA Superyacht?

For your near-as-makes-no-difference $1 million a week (which works out to $142,857.14 per day, or $5,952.38 per hour), you and up to 11 companions can have the run of this Terence Disdale designed lavish leviathan and its five guest staterooms (The owner’s cabin is a penthouse above the main deck.), sundeck, outdoor pool, outdoor cinema and dedicated spa. You can also putter around on jet skis, cruise a sailboat, or enjoy a floating pool. There’s even a separate kids’ cabin for the young ‘uns to enjoy and allow for uninterrupted grown-up stuff. Yes, we’re still having trouble digesting that price, too, but the more we look at the pictures of the RoMEA Superyacht, the more trouble we have elucidating our qualms.

Source: Imperial Yachts