Roland Iten Calibre R822 Predator is the Belt Buckle to End All Belt Buckles


If you’re a fan of hyper-expensive wearable precision machinery but already own more watches than there are arms in your entire family, we have some good news! Actually, it’s Swiss luxury accessory brand Roland Iten that has the good news; we’re merely passing it along to you. This is Roland Iten’s latest creation, the Calibre R822 Predator belt buckle.


If it looks like something a steampunk gazillionaire would use to help hold up his trousers, that’s because it is. The buckle is comprised of a whopping 167 parts, 16 of which are self-cleaning track wheels that allow for easy tightening, loosening, and changing of a leather belt (sold separately). But the operation of the Calibre R822 Predator is merely the icing on top of this proverbial sundae; the ice cream and hot fudge is the fact that it’s made from a cornucopia of precious metals (18-carat white gold and titanium) and gemstones (387 baguette- and round-cut diamonds weighing in at a total of 14.15 carats).


Naturally, all this mechanical intricacy and bling doesn’t come cheap: Roland Iten is asking $550,000 for one of these bad boys. On the bright side, it’s highly, highly unlikely that you’ll ever meet another dude wearing one as long as you live, because only three Calibre R822 Predators will ever be made. On the downside, you can’t live in a belt buckle, whereas you can live in a house, and $550,000 will buy you a really, really nice one in many parts of this country (or, if you’re here in SoCal, a fixer-upper combination outhouse/tool shed). Choose wisely…

Source: Roland Iten