Roger Dubuis Knights of the Roundtable II is Arthurian Amazement


There are novelty watches (think the ones that have Mickey Mouse’s arms as the hands), then there are watches that make you say, “DUDE!” The machine you see here – the Knights of theRoundtable II, built by the Roger Dubuis firm out of Geneva, Switzerland – most certainly belongs to the latter group.


Rather than putting 12 conventional markers around the circumference of the dial to mark each hour, the Roger Dubuis craftspeople put 12 painstakingly-sculpted bronze figurines – each representing one of King Arthur’s Knights of the Roundtable and measuring just 6.5 millimeters tall – around the ornately-engraved dial that signifies that legendary piece of medieval furniture. These items – plus the self-winding RD821 movement – reside within a stylish 45mm white gold case, which is held on one’s wrist with a genuine alligator skin strap and an adjustable folding buckle that’s also made of white gold.


Just 28 of these incredible timepieces will be made, and they will surely carry a price that will make your eyeballs melt. But hey, at least you won’t have to yank it out of a stone…

Source: Roger Dubuis