Robbie Maddison’s AIR.CRAFT is Gymkhana on Half the Wheels [Video]

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If there’s one thing thatKen Block’s growing library ofGymkhanavideoshas taught Wall Street and Madison Avenue alike, it’s that hoonage sells. More specifically, hoonage draws millions of pairs of eyeballs that can subsequently be sold stuff. But we have a question forSeñorBlockand the rest of the large goudas atDC Shoes: Does theGymkhanaformula require four wheels?

Apparently, they’ve already answered that question with a resounding “No.” Witness DC Shoes-backed freestyle motocrosserRobbie Maddisonand his romp through an Arizona warplane morgue. On paper,AIR.CRAFTwas made to promote the Aussie throttlejockey’s new signature apparel line; in practice, it’s proof that steel shipping containers have uses besides being filled with Chinese exports or converted into freestanding meth kitchens. Who knew?

Source: YouTube