Daredevil Robbie Maddison Jumps Tower Bridge Over Thames River in London (VIDEO)

Robbie Maddison Leaps Tower Bridge in London

Motorcross rock star Robbie Maddison recently performed an amazing tour de force by flawlessly executing a no-handed backflip over a wide open Tower Bridge on July 13th at 2:55am in London. The last big stunt the 27-year-old Australian completed was soaring off a ramp onto a life-size replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, which was the highest ever “step up” leap. This daredevil and stunt bike phenom also holds the world record for the longest ever motorbike jump of 350.7 ft (106.9 meters). Check out the video after the jump!

Robbie Maddison hit the ramp at about 40 miles per hours, yanked the handlebars and then let go to rip off a no-hands backflip over a raised Tower Bridge. The landing was absolutely perfect. Nothing like flying upside-down 100 feet above the Thames River to get the blood pumping. I only wish that this tremendous feat was captured better for the internet. The video that’s currently available just doesn’t do it justice. We’ll update this if some more enthralling footage emerges.

Source: BBC News | YouTube