Riva 88 Miami front 3/4 view

Riva 88 Miami is a Flip-Top Fantasy [w/ Video]

Riva 88 Miami front 3/4 view

As high-end powerboat makers go, Italy’s Riva has long been one of the most admired names in the business. Their wooden boats are among the most coveted vintage vessels one the planet, while their modern boats seamlessly blend speed, style and luxury in one boat. And it’s just as true of their yachts as it is their speedboats.

Riva 88 Miami rear 3/4 view

One of Riva’s latest yacht projects is the 88 Miami you see here. Billed as a successor of sorts to the Riva Bahamas, this big beauty is, as its name implies, 88-feet in length, with stylish living quarters below deck consisting of four cabins and a pair of crew cabins plus a lounge and galley. But the real party piece is back topside: It’s a patented convertible top system that lifts the cover of the forward dinette backward and upward to cover the bridge, and it does so at the touch of a button. It kinda reminds us of the setup found on the new Porsche 911 Targa, but on a considerably grander scale.


Speaking of grander scale, that’s the kind of power the 88 Miami serves up via its twin MTU 16V 2000 M93s producing 2,435 horsepower each. That’s enough to push this 132,276 lb. behemoth to a top speed of 38.5 knots, or about 44 mph. Riva expects to launch the first 88 Miami hull later this year, with deliveries set to begin early next year. As for the price, well…maybe if you mow every lawn in your time zone, you’ll have enough (for the down payment).

Source: Riva