Riva 76’ Coupé is a GT for the Waves


When you hear the word “coupe” (or as our European friends prefer, “coupé”), odds are you picture a stylish fixed-roof two-door automobile. But the term can also be used to describe a boat with an enclosed bridge, which is exactly the sort of vehicle we have here. This 76’ beauty is currently under construction at the facilities of respected Italian yacht and speedboat builder Riva, and is expected to be completed in time for the Cannes Yachting Festival this September.


The yet-to-be-named vessel will be finished in a slick new shade of sliver called Moon Grey, while more than 132 square-feet of glass will drench the interior in natural light and provide stunning vistas. Of course, when you aren’t looking out at the water and land there will be plenty of beautiful things to catch your eye. The dining area (located behind and adjacent to the bridge) has a glass-topped table and seating for eight, while venturing below the main deck will lead you to the trio of deluxe cabins (each with their own private lavatory), including the master suite with a lounge area, walk-in closet and a fully-furnished master bathroom.


As for what powers this luxury cruiser, Riva has specified a pair of V-drive MAN V12 turbodiesels generating 1,550 horsepower apiece. Riva engineers predict that will be enough poke to push the 76’ Coupé to a cruising speed of 29 knots and a top speed of 33 knots. But if you demand even more zoom from the engine room (and you aren’t as stingy with your fuel budget), the company says they’ll happily install a pair of gasoline-burning MAN V12s (rated at 1,800 horsepower each) instead. Those powerplants are expected to give you a 32 knot cruise and 37 knot top end, making this behemoth perform more like a coupe landlubbers fancy…

Source: Riva