Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Sets Sail for Swanky

A century ago, the most opulent way to travel on earth was by ocean liner. Sure, many of your fellow passengers weren’t as well-to-do as you, but most carriers kept different classes of passengers separate. Now, however, Ritz-Carlton (yes, the super-high-end hotel chain) reckons there’s a market for all-first-class passenger boats, which is why it’s developing a small fleet of giant yachts (or small cruise ships, depending on your perspective) to serve said clientele.

The trio of purpose-built ships will sail a variety of locales like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Northern Europe depending on the season, with accommodations for up to 298 guests in 149 posh suites, each with its own balcony. And in case those aren’t lavish enough for you, there will be two 1,485 square foot penthouses aboard that you can book. Regardless of where you stay, you and other members of your party will be treated to exclusive dining devised by star chef Sven Elverfeld, a Ritz-Carlton spa, a wine bar and other onboard amenities. And when it’s on-shore excursion time, you’ll enjoy the very best that the local dining, entertainment, shopping and sightseeing scenes have to offer, as selected by the Ritz team’s experts.

Ritz-Carlton will begin accepting reservations next May, with the first ship being ready to set off on its maiden voyage sometime in late 2019. Ticket prices? Well, as they say, if you have to ask…

Source: Ritz-Carlton