Ringbrothers Espionage is a High Tech Mega Mustang

Considering its status as one of the most popular classic pony/muscle cars to modify, it’s gotten to be an almighty struggle to build a first generation Ford Mustang fastback that really stands out from the, er, herd. Of course, Jim and Mike Ring – the siblings behind Ringbrothers – aren’t your average builders, so their latest reinterpretation of this iconic shape is anything but average.

Dubbed Espionage, this muscle machine is a dramatic departure from the Dearborn original, and not just because it has a *gulp* Chevrolet LS7 7.0L V8 – topped by a big fat Whipple supercharger and producing a claimed 959 horsepower – under the hood. No, the big news is that that hood, as well as every other exterior panel, is made of carbon fiber. What’s more, Ringbrothers widened the whole car by about two inches per side and made adjustments to a few other details that give this vintage-look super coupe a look all its own. And best of all, the Rings will sell you the part you need to make your own widened, composite-skinned 1965 or ’66 Mustang fastback.

Source: Ringbrothers